When it comes to home decor, many homeowners get to a challenge of finding the right window treatment knowing that it can redefine their home ‘s aesthetics. At Comfort Shutters we get many questions about benefits of shutters. Here we listed only a few to begin with:

  1. Enhance the resale value of a home. When comparing properties, home buyers always look for add-ons and improvements. Therefore adding window shutters adds value to your home and so the project has a good ROI.
  2. Timeless solution. Shutters don’t fade like drapes, shades, or curtains.
  3. Enhance healthy environment. Unlike soft window treatments, shutters minimize allergens with solid surfaces where dust can not linger and easily wipe away clean.
  4. Energy efficiency. In the winter, wood shutters keep the house warmer by providing additional window insulation.
  5. Weather protection. In summer, the shutters keep the house cooler by deflecting direct sunlight.
  6. They are natural, and give you natural air control! Wood shutters, like basswood, are made naturally from sustainable woods. In summer, your living space requires the free flow of the breeze but if you open the windows wide, this will compromise your privacy. Closing shutters locks warm air inside during winter and holds cool air out.
  7. Easy customization. Each home is unique and as such, you need to find ideas for home improvement that you can easily customize to suit the style of your home. Interior shutters are able fit in any décor, from ultra-modern to traditional. Whatever idea you have in mind when installing shutters, the appropriate shutter designs can be found on the market.
  8. Privacy. In your home, both exterior shutters and interior shutters increase privacy. Shutters play an important role in keeping away prying eyes, without blocking light, in areas where a room faces a public space. You can open window shutters at an angle to allow privacy in your living space and to keep it in light. This makes the shutters an extraordinary addition to your home.
  9. Comfort Shutters’ life expectancy far exceeds any other window treatment.

Indoor and outdoor shutters play important roles in your home and this is why they are highly rated among projects for home improvement. Your family, friends, and neighbors will notice your great addition to your home, and you will definitely receive many compliments!