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Are you tired of your plain, ordinary windows? Transform your home and view of life with our inspiring plantation shutters available in different sizes!

People love to have many options especially when it comes to home refinement. A properly chosen size of louvered shutters produces a great feeling of a spacious room. To meet a popular Portland trend for more natural light in rooms and greater interior openness, we fabricate our plantation shutters in the following louver options:

2 ½ inch louvers are a good choice for all traditionalists. Elegant and restrained, these shutters match smaller windows beautifully. The compact louvers bring your residence a classic shutter finish and create a very pleasant ambiance.

3 ½ inch louvers are a cutting edge addition to the shutters family aimed to harmonize ever-conflicting classic and modern styles. This variant is the best of both worlds. Fewer louvers in panels generate more natural light and visibility and give you a super power to have an overall control over the light in your home.

4½ inch louvers boast of a stylish, fashionable look. These large slats deliver the newest minimalistic finish. They let light pour into a room while providing a truly spectacular view. Extremely popular and up to date, such extra wide louvers are for those who appreciate clean lines with maximum light and dark flexibility.

Alternative louvers are for people who love going beyond standard options. By providing all possible shutter materials and sizes, we are able to produce any custom-made window treatments that will perfectly meet your home design. Check our shutters gallery for stunning examples and do not hesitate to contact us today to get an expert consultation on the most interesting style suggestions for your individual windows and doors of any size, style, and shape.


Plantation shutters with a traditional tilt bars are controlled by the tight adjustment of all the louvers and are located on the front of the panels. The beauty of this choice is that the construction does not involve any unattractive staples or heavy gears, which are sure to rust and malfunction over time. This tilt bar leaves you with a better view and contributes to the more graceful look of your interior design.


Another end of our window treatments spectrum is presented by a hidden (also known as rear) tilt system that is compatible with any of our shutter solutions. Being a discreet operating system, hidden tilt is hardly visible from the front of the blinds because the construction is smartly integrated into the back of the shutter panel to drive an outstanding contemporary appearance.




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